Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory Foam has been launched since 2002. This is one of the oldest products of Uu Viet mattress, favored and trusted by big partners and sold throughout country. 7-zone pocket spring system and Memory Foam make a feature that can not be more wonderful. Above all, the product is designed very meticulously in each stitch and using high-class luxury fabric to create the most perfect product.

Composition of Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam

1 / Spring steel frame
A good spring mattress (provided that the carbon in the steel to produce springs must meet the standard, avoiding the spring from being broken, falling ...) will have a very long useful life.
Uu Viet Mattresses Co., Ltd uses steel materials imported from Belgium with high carbon to produce springs, thus ensuring the most stringent requirements in terms of international standards.
2) Memory Foam
Memory Foam material was invented by NASA and aeronautics agency in 1966 and used in the lining layer in space-saving protective clothing. This product was developed to protect astronauts from vibrations during joint movement and bone protection. Because of its very special feature in shaping and memorizing body positions, Memory Foam is widely used in family mattress products and hospitals worldwide.
Advantages of MEMORY FOAM:
  • Treating diseases of the spine, joint and muscle: Memory Foam material is very popular in the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints. This material is included in medicine and especially in therapy centers and major hospitals around the world. Because of its slow elasticity, the spine in the back, neck and other parts is fixed when sleeping, the dislocation of the neck, back, arms or legs when sleeping will not happen when important positions are Support and fix in the best state.

  • Slow elasticity: Memory Foam has the outstanding advantage of being able to slow down elasticity, help shape the spine and embrace the body while sleeping, preventing harm caused by improper lying It still brings comfort and comfort when taking a break.

  • Reducing the pressure on the compression points of the body: Memory Foam works to soften and tighten the body so that the body does not hurt when lying on the mattress too hard.
  • No skin irritation: Memory Foam is a unique product that ensures no skin irritation, mold growth, or insects.
3 / Butterfly-shaped power spring supports corners and edges
Butterfly-shaped assist springs help lift the corner and edge of the mattress every time you sit up. Increasing the stiffness of the mattress helps you not to slide or roll down when lying close to the mattress.
4 / High Density Foam comfort layers
The HD foam is designed with 3 layers of High Density Foam with different density to bring softness, smoothness and comfortness when sleeping.
5) Fabric material for mattress
High quality imported Tencel fabric with a thickness of up to 420Gr. This fabric ensures that it does not contain Formaldehyde (carcinogenic agent), safe for users' health. The fabric is made from cotton fibers extracted from natural wood trees such as Eucalyptus, Tre and Khuynh Diep. Raw materials are crushed into powder and spinning according to Nano technology. Therefore, Tencel fabric is cool, safe and user friendly.
The fabric is used to sew mattresses using imported fabrics with OEKO-TEX certification (product class II group). Product class II does not contain carcinogenic substances Formaldehyde is safe for users' health, suitable for users who have direct contact with large and long-term skin (bed sheets, t-shirts, socks...). Therefore, you are completely assured of the quality when using the product.
CR stamp
The fabric of the sheet increases the comfort of obtaining conformity product certification in accordance with TQC regulations, ensuring that all garment and textile products meet the safety requirements of Vietnam as well as many countries in the world. about formaldehyde residues and aromatic amines.

Characteristic structure of 7 zone pocket spring

Structure of 7 zone pocket spring frame
Usually, the springs have the same hardness and elasticity so when lying on the mattress, our bodies will not be able to embrace the curves. Therefore, the hips and the back of the user will have some points that are exposed and at the position of those points the spinal system will not be supported to support back pain for the user.
With 7 zone pocket spring structure, springs are designed with different softness and elasticity divided into 7 body areas including: head, shoulders, back, hips, leg thighs and feet. Therefore, the pocket spring mattress Isabelle 7 zone - Memory foam will ensure the tightening of the body curve, help the backbone system to be supported and supported optimally.
Because our body parts have different weights and sizes, there are different soft and soft parts. Therefore, the distribution of each part on the mattress will help support the body better. In which we should pay special attention to positions such as: shoulder, back, hip when using the mattress. These are the 3 most important points, greatly affecting our sleep and health.
Hips: This is the heaviest part of our body. If the mattress design is too hard, it will be pulled right into the hip. Blood vessels will not circulate, leading to numbness or pain in the hip area. So designing the mattress area on the soft side will help the hip to withstand the pressure, blood circulation and will avoid the pain in the buttocks when waking up in the morning.
Shoulder: The second heaviest part behind the hip when we sleep. According to many studies, most of the mattresses have the mattress area in the shoulder position which will cause pain in the shoulder and shoulder blades. Therefore, the design of the mattress with the mattress area in the shoulder position with moderate hardness will bring a pleasant feeling, blood circulation and avoid shoulder pain when waking up.
Back part: The back part with the spine system is very important, so the mattress area in the hard back position will help support our spine system to stay in a natural straight state. Thus, the person lying on the mattress will avoid back pain when waking up.
Isabelle 7 zone pocket spring mattress - Memory foam has an optimized structure, combining all the above points will help support the body effectively. Thus, you will get deep sleep as well as protect bones and spine in the best way.

Test the weight of customers using Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam

  • Test the weight 47kg test when lying on the pocket spring mattress Isabelle 7 zone - Memory foam with a firmness of 6.5.
  • Test the weight 65kg when lying on the Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam with a firmness of 6.5.
  • Test the weight 90kg when lying on the Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam with a firmness of 6.5.
After testing Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam for customers who weight from 47kg, 65kg and 90kg for both men and women.
Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam is suitable for many types of customers because of its high elasticity and spine tightening feature when lying down. Help bring comfort and comfort to wake up. The following are the advantages of 7 zone pocket springs
Motion isolation: Springs are placed in separate non-woven bags, enabling them to operate independently, minimizing collisions, rubbing springs together. As a result, users can turn and move without affecting the people lying next to them, making sleep more comfortable and more comfortable.
Ventilated ventilation: This is the outstanding advantage of spring mattress because the inner structure of the mattress is a spring frame system that creates a lot of space so that the air can flow easily, creating coolness. Therefore, the person lying there will not be hot and have a sting in the back.
Elasticity of 7-zone pocket springs: The spring has a very high elasticity, supports shrugging and bouncing, providing smoothness, pleasant feeling every time you wake up.

Pros and cons of Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam

  • Spring frame: The inner spring frame system has a lot of gaps to make the mattress airy and cool.
  • 7 zone pocket spring: Uu Viet is the first and only unit to apply 7 zone pocket spring technology to the mattress, helping to embrace the body's curve.
  • Memory Foam: Memory Foam will embrace your body, supporting your body maximum and still giving you a comfortable and comfortable feeling when you sleep.
  • Support if you have joint pain, muscle or back pain.
  • Reduce the noise and movement of people lying next to them when they move.
  • Deodorizing: Spring mattress does not have a toxic odor because the construction material does not use synthetic materials. In fact, the pocket spring mattress has a breathable ventilation feature that helps to remove the odors during use.
  • Durability: 10-year warranty springs.
  • Each customer will have different feelings about the mattress because depending on preferences and weight.
  • Due to the construction of steel, the weight is relatively heavy, slightly inconvenient when transporting.

Test of durability of Isabelle mattress - 7 zone pocket spring - Memory foam

The mattress is tested according to European standards (Test according to EN 1955-2000 standard). Here is how to do the test:
The mattress will be brought into the laboratory and placed on a European standard strength testing machine with a total number of rollings of 30,000 times, equivalent to 10-year durability. The test is done within 2-3 days.
  • Check times 1: 100 times
  • 2nd test: + 200 times
  • 3rd test: + 29,700 times
The total number of continuous checks is 30,000

Mattresses are tested for durability according to European standards. A machine weighing 100kg will be raised and lowered to simulate our hips when lying on the mattress. 30,000 times of lifting up and down will be checked within 2-3 days. (Test according to EN 1955-2000 standard).
After the examination is completed, the pocket spring mattress Isabelle 7 zone - Memory foam remains in normal use and does not break or damage springs. During long-term use, Memory foam will soften as a normal problem.

Uu Viet Mattress, take care of Vietnamese dreams

For 26 years, Uu Viet has been constantly innovating with all the passion and responsibility for sleep and health of customers. Uu Viet ensures the supplier of  the product is verified and safe for consumers' health. Providing Certification or the raw material such as: Fabric, Steel and Foam. Our products have received high trust from customers, partners, hotel and resort projects in domestic and international market.

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