The combination of independent pocket spring system, natural rubber layer and Cashmere fabric material will bring you good and deep sleep. King’s night mattress is the perfect choice for you.

Composition of pocket spring mattress King’s night

1 / Spring steel frame

The independent pocket spring frame design is sturdy and sturdy, providing stability, providing maximum support for the back, neck and back spine. When sitting up or turning over, the force only affects each spring position so it does not affect the next person when there is movement. Steel materials for making springs are imported from Malaysia to ensure the most stringent requirements in terms of quality.

2 / Foam lining layers

Bag spring system combined with HD Foam elastic high density increased durability when used, giving you a good sleep throughout the night.

3 / Natural rubber layer

Natural rubber helps support and embrace your body shape, increasing comfort and comfort.

4 / Fabric material for mattress

The mattress surface is made of Cashmere fabric. This is one of the world's rarest fabrics made from the body and lower abdomen of Cashmere goats. Cashmere fabric is the highest quality material in natural, super light and soft fibers with extremely smooth surface. Thus, King’s night mattress will bring you great feeling of comfort when lying on the surface of the mattress.

Mattress fabric meets CR certification, conforms to national technical standards on the limits of formaldehyde and aromatic amines metabolized from azo dyes in textiles. Moreover, 4-dimensional stretchy fabric provides a comfortable feeling.

Test the weight of customers using King’s night mattress - Pocket spring

  • Test the weight 47kg when lying on the King’s night mattress - Pocket spring with a firmness of 6.8.
  • Test the weight 65kg when lying on the King’s night mattress - Pocket spring with a firmness of 6.8.
  • Test the weight 90kg when lying on the King’s night mattress - Pocket spring with a firmness of 6.8.

After testing King’s night mattress - Pocket spring for customers who weight from 47kg, 65kg and 90kg for both men and women, King’s night mattress - Pocket spring is suitable for many types of customers because of its high elasticity and spine tightening feature when lying down. Help bring comfort and comfort to wake up.

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