Information about micro fiber pillow

  • Product: micro fiber pillow
  • Pillow: feather (White Microfiber), safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Pillowcase: made of cool kate fabric.
  • Size: 47 x 67 cm or 57 x 77cm.

Sure, you have also heard about the "feather" material, this is the material that many countries in the world prefer, because the feather is not beautiful, small, light and smooth, but also warm. , keep the heat for the cold season very well.
At present, feathers are refreshingly new with many product lines featured, in which the micro fiber pillow. Pillow is loved by many people and used all over the world. Especially for those who are interested in quality of life such as Japan, America and Europe, this is the first choice.

Highlights of micro fiber pillow


micro fiber pillow


Micro fiber pillow is improved so it is extremely well ventilated and especially the hair is not conducive to heat, not keep heat. Because of the cold weather, you still feel warm and have the effect of dissipating heat, not causing unpleasant feelings. This is one of the most familiar materials when you need to buy a warm pillow when winter comes.
In addition, feathers are capable of retracting, repeatedly inflating the vapor. Even when used hot, it also feels airy, cool and pleasant because the feathers are capable of regulating the air. Besides, depending on the temperature of the feather that contraction itself or burst by good ventilation, so the sweat will be released easily.


micro fiber pillow


Uu Viet micro fiber pillow is a waterproof pillow, not absorb moisture, it will be cotton, moist and very light. So many pillows are concerned because of the ventilation and good moisturizing, very good for health. Especially, laundry pillows drying very quickly.

The Advantages of Sleeping Pillow


micro fiber pillow


  • The product uses imported fabric certified OEKO-TEX, ensuring no carcinogenic Formaldehyde safe for the health of users.
  • Uu Viet's feather pillow is very environmentally friendly, dusty and has high airflow due to its temperature regulation, so it feels hot and cold, it also becomes warm. artificial feather pillows.
  • Buy cheap feather pillow, made of micro cotton under 1 micro, so the pillow is very durable and does not smell like feathers. The material is soft, light and well-blown.
  • Soft and luxurious, very special, excellent elasticity, regulates temperature, humidity naturally.
  • The pillow surface uses 100% cotton fiber fabric, which is resistant to insects and molds.
  • Ensure high aesthetics and bring cool, pleasant feeling to the user.
  • The product minimizes collapse during use.
  • Waterproof, breathable and very warm.

User guide micro fiber pillow


User guide micro fiber pillow


  • Hand washing, not washing machine
  • Do not use detergents with strong detergents
  • Dry in the shade, avoid direct sunlight


User guide micro fiber pillow


User guide micro fiber pillow



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