Platinum mattress - Pocket spring is the product launched in the summer of 2019 to complete the collection of mattresses for bedrooms. The product gathers the latest features and technologies in the world. The product is meticulously designed for each stitch and uses high quality knitting fabric to create the most perfect product. Above all, height of the mattress to 22cm will bring a comfortable and luxurious feeling to your bedroom.

Composition of Platinum mattress - Pocket spring 

1 / Spring steel frame

A good spring mattress, for a long time of use, requires the spring frame to be made of high carbon steel, must meet the standard, avoiding the spring from being broken, falling ... during use.

With the top quality principle, Uu Viet Mattresses Co., Ltd uses steel materials imported from Belgium (Belgium Kingdom) with high carbon content to produce springs, ensuring the most stringent requirements in terms of quality according to international standards, bringing durability over 10 years of use.

2 / Butterfly-shaped spring supports corners and edges

With all the passion and responsibility for sleep and health of customers, Uu Viet Mattress has successfully invented a butterfly-shaped assist spring to lift the corners and edges for the mattress. Thus, it helps to increase the hardness of the mattress to help you not slip or roll down when sitting or lying close to the mattress.


3 / Foam lining layers

The High Density Foam layer helps to bring a soft, smooth and comfortable feeling when sleeping.


4) Fabric material for mattress

Platinum mattress - Pocket spring uses imported high-grade Knitting fabric, with meticulously sharp seams according to European technology to help the fabric with four-dimensional elasticity to increase the softness and smoothness of the mattress. In particular, fabrics are fire resistant, have been certified from Europe.

Advantages of knitting fabric materials:

- The surface is open, soft and porous.

- Fire resistant fabric.

- Great elasticity and elasticity. When subjected to the force, the fabric stretch is much larger than the stretching graph of the processed yarn.

- Keeps the heat well but still does not hinder the metabolism between the human body and the surrounding environment

- Good permeability

- Mild, easy to store and clean

- Hygiene in good use

- Create a pleasant feeling

The fabric used to make mattress covers has been registered and granted a certificate of conformity with CR No. TQC.5.303, according to Decision No. 303/2019 / QD-TQC, ensuring to meet the requirements of Vietnam as well as many countries in the world about formaldehyde residues and aromatic amines in the product (the causes of cancer).


Test the weight of customers using Platinum mattress - Pocket spring

  • Test the weight 47kg test when lying on the Platinum mattress - Pocket spring with a firmness of 6.5.
  • Test the weight 65kg when lying on the Platinum mattress - Pocket spring with a firmness of 6.5.
  • Test the weight 90kg when lying on the Platinum mattress - Pocket spring with a firmness of 6.5.

After testing Platinum mattress - Pocket spring for customers who weight from 47kg, 65kg and 90kg for both men and women, Platinum mattress - Pocket spring is suitable for many types of customers because of its high elasticity and spine tightening feature when lying down. Help bring comfort and comfort to wake up.


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